Combining Psychotherapy and Faith in Your Quest for Lasting Peace


Ever felt like your search for peace has left you shattered into a million pieces? With all life has to throw at us, you are definitely not alone. This book has been written for anyone on a quest for peace within five key areas of their life. Internal peace, as well as peace in your health, relationships, career and finances, is now all within reach. Uniquely formulated from the knowledge and expertise of a qualified Psychotherapist and a Pastor, this book allows the reader to identify and pre-empt peace-robbing scenarios and provides the necessary tools to quickly reinstate it. By combining psychotherapeutic technique, clinical examples, practical methodology, candid personal experience and the application of Christian principles, individuals are empowered to both cultivate and maintain a profound sense of peace, despite the inevitable challenges life will deal.  


Akin to the therapeutic relationship, the author walks with you whilst it’s dark, at your pace, without judgment, illuminating reflective thinking, which in turn enables you to see and manoeuvre towards the light and ultimately, peace. If you are ready to glue the pieces of your life back together, come, let’s synchronise our efforts, as we journey on, from pieces to peace.