Combining Psychotherapy and Faith in Your Quest for Lasting Peace


Ever felt like your search for peace has left you shattered into a million pieces? With all life has to throw at us, you are definitely not alone. This book has been written for anyone on a quest for peace within five key areas of their life. Internal peace, as well as peace in your health, relationships, career and finances, is now all within reach. Uniquely formulated from the knowledge and expertise of a qualified Psychotherapist and a Pastor, this book allows the reader to identify and pre-empt peace-robbing scenarios and provides the necessary tools to quickly reinstate it.



Selone Ajewolé is an experienced psychotherapist with a Certificate in Counselling, a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Therapeutic Counselling. As a UK counselling professional, she is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( and fully adheres to their strict code of ethics. Selone is also a pastor of a spirit-filled yet vibrant and relatable church and charity called The Rock Church in the heart of London’s East End. 


Selone has also co-authored the book "The Colours of Love Relationship Manual", which sold extremely well on an international scale. Despite all of these achievements, of most importance are the relationships she has cultivated with God, her husband and her precious children. Ultimately, fulfilling her life’s purpose as a beacon of hope and light to others is what continues to push her forward, despite the odds.

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Selone Ajewolé offers the seemingly impossible: a systematic, thoughtful and personal consultation from the pages of her book. She combines technical know-how on cbt and psychotherapy, with, at times painfully personal reflection and insight into our daily struggles. Selone pulls no punches, and her insights will make you feel uncomfortable, but in that safe way only a gifted therapist can. So sit down, avoid distractions, and with prayerful meditation, begin with her a journey to a more peaceful, whole you, you won’t regret it. 


Dr Adam Ibrahim / Clinical Psychiatrist

"From Pieces To Peace: Finding Peace In 5 Key Areas Of Your Life" captures the steps required to achieve peace from past anxieties. By highlighting how we can often engage in destructive thinking without being aware of it, this book uses scripture and practical psychotherapeutic steps to illustrate how we can combat this negative automatic thinking (nats) for good. Overall, it helps to start a journey into healthy positive thinking that can alter our spiritual, physical and emotional lives thus helping us to experience peace, pushing us one step closer to achieving our full purpose.

Pastor Ryan A. Johnson / Senior Pastor of Awaken Church

"From Pieces To Peace" is true to life and uncovers ways in which you can access peace regardless of your own life story. This book provides warm and wisdom filled insight into a journey that we should all go on. Ultimately, the words on these pages feel a bit like therapy but in book form. 

Melissa Nankoo / Pharmacist

This book "From Pieces to Peace" is striking in its ability to not only bring clarity on mental health issues that could have confused many Christians but also provides practical solutions to many overlooked yet common emotional and mental health concerns. Pastor Selone has drawn from her wealth of knowledge, bridging the gap between scriptures and everyday challenges faced by individuals from all walks of life. Great and easy read! 


Mimi Ajala  /  Author of “The Life God Has For You: Stop Living Less Than You Are.”  / Director of Mimi Ajala Ministries 



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